Hi, we are dentsu X.

Dentsu media Thailand is now rebranding to dentsu X.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.
While marketing seeks order. Decisions are made in chaos. So we design experiences to work with, rather than against, human nature.

We call this Experience Beyond Exposure.

Rebranding from Dentsu media to dentsu X doesn’t change who we are, instead we are consistently bringing Dentsu media’s longstanding success in delivering one-stop integrated solutions, dentsu X will combine best-in-class communication and media planning services, content creation, data and behavioral insights considering the drastic shift to consumer led economy.

Most importantly, we will passionately create a consistent marketing solution, constantly innovates to get the best outcome
for your brands and be a true partner to all stakeholders.

About Us

Experience Beyond Exposure

In a consumer demand-led world like ours, it is vital for brands to constantly attract, acquire, convert and most crucially, retain customers with new, innovative ideas.

While it is important to build equity between brands and people through fresh and exciting executions, it is more crucial to create relevant and meaningful experiences that exceed consumer expectations. This way, your brand can effectively cut through the advertising clutter.

Here at dentsu X, we believe in the importance of understanding our consumers beyond desk-bound knowledge. And when we design experience to work with, rather than against human nature, we are creating experience that win.

With our expertise in data, technology and informed creativity, we create nothing but the best kind of content for your brands.

With client teams made up of ‘Producer’ and ‘Experience Designer’ and our X5 operation model, we provide our clients and business partners with a borderless business solution fueled by groundbreaking creativity.

  • People and Data
  • Media Program
  • Digital System
  • Business Performance
  • Content and Partnership


“Our challenge is how to support our clients and business partners to accomplish their goals
in the midst of ‘convergence’ and ‘fragmentation’.
Those key forces are driving the dynamics of the traditional and new media nowadays. At dentsu X Thailand,
we are innovating and expanding a broad range of communication opportunities by amping up our strengths in all areas.”

Our Brands

We strongly believe in the power of experience beyond exposure. We determine to help your brands create integrated and personalized marketing solutions to grow your business, especially in the face of the digital economy. So, we are creating experiences that win through our unique X5 model together with 3 sub-brands (dX palette, dX cubic, dX matrix)
& 3 specialized brands (dX 360, dX lab, cia).

dentsu X and all sub-brands/ specialized brands can deliver very unique services utilizing many of the skills, innovation and investment taking advantages of capabilities developed and enhanced at Dentsu Inc. At the same time, we are a part of the Dentsu Aegis Network and therefore can leverage the scale of capabilities within this.

Connect With dentsu X Thailand

U Chu Liang Bldg., 15th Fl., Zone B, 968 Rama IV Rd.,
Silom, Bangrak,Bangkok 10500 Thailand
T: +66(0) 2632 4020 | F: +66(0) 2632 4022